Get paid in CHI for every new sign up that you refer!
During the Chimaera token sale you can earn 5% of the CHI purchased by those that you refer using our referral program.
“Refer unlimited friends & family to Chimaera and we'll hook you up with 5% of what they're buying in CHI. Share your personalised materials and join the next revolution in gaming.”
We’ve created materials for you to tell your friends about Chimaera so that you can get more referrals and earn more CHI! Use our pre-created and optimised Banners, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Email templates and more by generating your personalised content.

Step 1.
Log in to your personal client area:
Step 2.
Copy the referral link at the top of the page by clicking on the copy button.
Step 3.
Paste the URL (CTRL+V or right click and paste) into the conversion bar below then click the GENERATE CONTENT button.
*Generate your personalised referral materials to share with your contacts by following the steps above.
If you would like to use your own materials be sure to use your referral link

Some of our sugestions:
Reach your contacts with a referral link via messengers, SMS, email, etc.
Use the referral link in your social media accounts
Use the referral link on forums (if allowed)
Write your own articles, blog reviews, or other materials
Create videos about the project on YouTube or other video websites
Mention us on specific blockchain resources and social media groups